Welcome to Real Solutions Counseling's On-line Self-Assessments

Real Solutions Counseling welcomes you to the online screening for depression, bi-polar, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. All information provided during these free screenings will remain an anonymous. The screening is provided to help you determine - in a few minutes - whether or not you may be experiencing depression or other emotional difficulties.

Screening Selection

The screenings offered by Real Solutions Counseling (RSC) include a test for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Most of these problems have common symptoms so it is recommended that you take all of them to better understand the difficulties you might be facing.

At the end of each screening you will receive an immediate result that can be printed and taken to a counselor or healthcare provider for further evaluation. A screening test is not a substitute for a complete evaluation but it can help you learn if your symptoms are consistent with depression/manic-depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress. This program is designed for individuals aged 17 and above. The online screening is completely confidential. For more information see the:
Real Solutions Counseling Privacy Policy.

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Real Solutions Counseling also offers free in person screenings with a counselor at selected times throughout the year. Please visit our events page for further details


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