Q: I have co-worker that is out to get me. We don't get along and she is always running to my boss and exaggerating about things I do, trying to get me in trouble or telling about anything I do that she doesn't agree with. This causes friction between me and my boss and is making work a nightmare, what can I do?

A: It sounds like your co-worker may have some sort of personal agenda against you. Whether she is trying to get in good with the boss, simply discredit you, or has a personal grudge against you, this is not important. The real problem is that your co-worker is breaking the line of authority at work. Let me suggest a proactive approach to the problem.

First, ask your boss if there is a good time that you can speak with him/her about something important. When you meet with your boss, state that you have ideas that can help resolve some of the problems at work and save time and heartaches.
Next, suggest to the Boss that a good idea for policy would be that when any person has a problem with a co-worker, they must first speak with that co-worker and attempt to work out the problem before going to the boss. If the co-workers feel that they cannot solve the problem between them, then that person will inform their co-worker that they need to speak together with the boss.
Last, suggest to your boss that he/she adopt the rule of refusing to hear a worker's complaints about another co-worker, unless both workers are present. Tell your boss that you want to work out problems with your co-worker, and suggest the boss invite co-worker and you to a meeting where the boss will review these policies so all are clear about them.
Hopefully, your boss will see that you are trying to do the right thing and decide to agree to these ideas. This can put a stop to your co-worker's ability to use manipulation and deception to create problems for you at work.

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