Q: The day after Christmas is always such a letdown. It is depressing and disappointing to have Christmas over, what can I do about it?

A: First, realize that there are probably many reasons for that letdown feeling. You may be dreading the realization that the "Christmas Spirit" will leave in the next few weeks or months, or perhaps that you won't be celebrating with friends and family for a while. Christmas for most people is a major experience including stress and joy. It is therefore natural to experience a ledown feeling after it is over.
I recently saw the movie, "The Incredibles." In the beginning was a short story about a lamb that gets a "Kink in his Pink Think." Fortunately a "Counselor Jackalope" comes along and helps him learn how to "bound and rebound" when he faces disappointments. The Jackalope helps him see that there are different and fun activities he can do even better when he is skinny, scrawny, shaved and pink and that there are some good things he enjoys better when he is fluffy, puffy, and white. So the next year when the sheerer comes, the lamb happily puts his foot out and gets sheered. The music starts and he begins bounding around with his friends, enjoying what he can while he is all pink. The "Kink in your January (UnChristmas) Think"' comes from spending your time sadly lamenting the loss of your Christmas Tree fleece. When Christmas is over try to enjoy the sheering of your Christmas Tree fleece by putting on some fun music while you remove decorations from branches. Start rebounding from any letdown by spending time with your family and friends doing fun January or February activities. Some ideas could be to plan an annual February 1st trip to visit a sister in sunny Florida, possibly get your friends to join a bowling league or get together for lunch, start a new book club, make plans for an annual weekend in McCall in the snow, or start planning your valentines day surprise. It doesn't have to cost a lot, especially after all that present buying, it just needs to be something that you can get excited about and find purpose in. The possibilities are boundless!"

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