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View Signs of Depression-I feel sad and life seems bleak, I think I may be depressed, what are the signs of depression?
View Nagging, what to do instead.-Nagging is one of those behaviors that many people feel they have to do, even though they say they don't like doing it.
View How to Get Children to Clean Their Room.-My little boy is always making a terrible mess of his room. I'm starting to get angry and yell at him and don't like this? What can I do?
View Self-Talk -My husband says that I am negative and worry too much. I think he may be right at times, what can I do?
View Argument Deflectors -My child loves to argue, he will argue about anything and everything till both he and I get upset. What can I do?
View Alcoholic Quiz -I am afraid my son is becoming an Alcoholic. I catch him drinking more and more and when I confront him he says he has no problem, he does it just for fun. Is there anything I can do to make him see his drinking is a problem?
View Enabling -In your last column you advised the person not to enable their Alcoholic son. My husband always accuses me of enabling my son. Can you tell me more about enabling?
View Handing Children Fighting over Toys -I dread the unavoidable fighting over toys that occurs right after Christmas. What are some ideas for handing the battles?
View How to Refer Someone Having Problems-My friend is always complaining about her husband. I think she could use some marital counseling. How can I suggest this to her without offending her?
View Assertive Problem Solving -I have co-worker that is out to get me. We don't get along and she is always running to my boss and exaggerating about things I do. This causes friction between me and my boss and is making work a nightmare, what can I do?
View What Steps You Should Take when Your Depressed.-I see all these ads on TV about medications to help with depression, and I think I may be depressed. Should I just try and get the meds, or what would be right way to go about it?
View Communication Techniques-The Talking Stick-I get so frustrated because my husband is always interrupting me when I want to talk with him about important matters. Is there anything that can help?
View Therapeutic Time-Outs -My wife and I have gotten into arguments lately that seem to spiral out of control. We end up saying and doing things that hurt our relationship and which we later regret. What can I do?
View Listening Skills Quiz -My Wife says that I never listen, what would you suggest to help?
View Handling Grief during the Holidays -My father died about a year ago and I still miss him terribly. I am not looking forward to the holidays as it will remind me that he will not be there for our family activities. Is there anything that can help make them more bearable?
View After Christmas Letdown -The day after Christmas is always such a letdown. It is depressing and disappointing to have Christmas over, what can I do about it?
View When Grown Children Return Home I-First Considerations-My 29 year-old daughter has come home for the Holidays, but to live with me. She is going through an abusive and nasty divorce. I want to help but I am frustrated by her out of control children, not sure how to ask her to help out more financially, and am already eager for to live somewhere else. Any advice?
View When Grown Children Return Home II-Helping vs. Enabling-My 29 year-old daughter has come home...I want to help but … am not sure how to ask her to help out more financially...
View When Grown Children Return Home III-Disciple of Grandchildren-My 29 year-old daughter has come home…to live with me. I want to help but I am frustrated by her out of control children…any advice?

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